Disciplinarian & Headmistress

For those who only want to receive a spanking. 

Are you a naughty boy in need of a good spanking? Or do you simply yearn to be rehabilitated from Corporal Punishment? 


I am skilled in delivering varied styles of Corporal Punishment, from the most subtle to severe. I am experienced with all ranges of implements, and I can spank hard if required. Safety and mutual trust are important to me, so rest assured you are in safe hands. 


If roleplay is of interest to you, I can take on the role of Headmistress, School Matron, Governess, Aunty, Nurse, Lady Boss, HeadGirl, Prison Warden, Nurturing Disciplinarian, and I'm always open to suggestions for any ideas you may have.

Naughty Jessica

For those who just want to give a spanking. 

Do you want to spank my perfect peachy bottom? I can be a very mischievous naughty girl who needs to learn the error of my ways! Are you the one to train me?

I love being over the knee to receive a spanking. I'm happy to roleplay or we can have a relaxed chatty session, whatever you desire. I'm happy to take the following; 

Traditional over the knee spankings (OTK)
Bare bottom spankings

Nude Punishments in different positions (E.g Wheelbarrorw etc)
Traditional implements (slipper, strap, hairbrush, leather & wood paddles)
Corner time
Mild humiliation

Mild Canings only (after spanking warm up) - I do not take heavy caning.


If you would like to both receive a spanking and give one. 

Would you like to spend your time with me by experiencing both sides? 

Then we can! I love switch sessions and mutually enjoyable spankings. Again, we can always do roleplay and switch roles, or we can relax and enjoy CP for what it is without any scripted scenarios. We can always play fun spanking games to add to the excitement too!

Mutual respect and safewords can be agreed and of course, are always respected.